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The MEDHOST Experience

At MEDHOST, we understand that nothing replaces the insight, skill and compassion that healthcare professionals bring to caring for their patients and communities. Our mission is to provide market solutions that intuitively complement physician and administrative capabilities and workflow, while also enabling our clients to succeed and thrive in an environment where patient, consumer, payer and government expectations are presenting challenges and opportunities unlike any the industry has ever seen.

MEDHOST Physician Experience is designed to facilitate the chart, note and order workflow from a single, intuitive interface.

Transformational Experience

When applications are designed brilliantly the output results in exceptional, real-world experiences based on natural workflows, clinician-patient interactions and the simple act of providing healthcare.

It is through this reflective lens that we work with clinicians and administrators to design systems and software that:

Meet comprehensive, real-world needs:
From admission-to-discharge, MEDHOST delivers value for the entire enterprise and throughout the complete care experience:

  • Enhancing patient care, safety and satisfaction
  • Creating system-wide efficiencies
  • Improving financial performance

Are intuitive and easy to use: MEDHOST enterprise solutions are designed with direct input from customers and our 12-member Physician Advisory Board – all of whom provide up-front input on our software, as well as guidance throughout the entire development process. MEDHOST puts the power back into the hands of the end-user with software that delivers value throughout the patient experience and analytics that provide insights into outcomes, patient trends and health system performance.

Enhance the interaction, relationship and long-term value between healthcare professionals and the populations they serve:
By reducing the amount of training required and simplifying the steps healthcare professionals need to take when interacting with our software, MEDHOST quickly enables doctors and patients to leverage the power of our solutions and focus on what is most important – achieving optimal health through an exceptional experience.