By Stephanie Randa, Vice President of Analytical Solutions at MEDHOST

​Hospitals that only track gross patient volumes, net revenue, and hospital profit margins are missing out on the data that drives sound strategy development and decision making that drives growth. Often, growth and strategy metrics are not calculated in the hospital’s data systems and comparisons with local competitor data are not available.

Growth, strategy and the ability to lead your organization to increased volume and revenue requires a multi-faceted approach that promotes intentional action through careful analysis of these areas:

  • hospital market and competitors
  • physician relationships and referral patterns
  • service line growth with the right case mix
  • capacity and efficiency to handle additional volume

Market, Competitors and Leakage
Data about market share, population demographics and service areas is a critical component to understanding your opportunities. Combining that information with data about your competitors, total payments in your market and which patients are affiliated with your organization, but are being admitted to your competitors, is the first step in developing an action plan to drive growth.

Development: Getting the Right Case Mix
Reviewing your top paying DRGs and outpatient services is an important part of ensuring you have a profitable case mix and for identifying new service line opportunities.

Physician Relationships and Referral Patterns
Understanding the physicians in your market area and what business they are bringing to your hospital can be tremendously helpful in determining recruiting strategies, service line growth opportunities and potential market share recovery.

How MEDHOST can Help? Let MEDHOST help you take it one step further and look at physician referral patterns between physicians, more particularly referrals to affiliated physicians that can result in admissions to your hospital and referrals to non-affiliated physicians that often result in admissions and services to your competitors. [Not sure if my changes are on target, but sentence needs to be cleaned up.

MEDHOST Consulting utilizes Lean and Six Sigma methodologies to address capacity and throughput opportunities at your hospital. Efforts to increase market share can only be sustained if the hospital has capacity to accept and manage increased volumes.

Addressing the two front doors of your hospital (ED and OR) are first steps in improving patient throughput, experience and care delivery. Addressing the discharge process is critical to ensuring you can accept additional volume and do so in a way that is efficient and cost effective.


Taking Action
Creating an execution plan with timelines, milestones and results is critical to taking intentional steps that drive patient traffic and revenue. MEDHOST Consulting Group is committed to working through the necessary steps that drive growth and keep your hospital strong.

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