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MEDHOST Integrated IT Solutions — Stronger and more agile through synergy.

Uniquely positioned to deliver comprehensive, customized clinical and financial technology solutions, MEDHOST occupies an enviable position in the vendor landscape. As such, the company’s offerings reflect both the synergy of its integrated IT offerings and a strong, company-wide product development culture. Whether you’re looking for an enterprise solution, department-specific solutions, a custom-tailored hybrid solution or need in-depth consulting and other services, you’ve come to the right place.

In today’s healthcare environment, the mechanisms for administering care and securing appropriate compensation can no longer be siloed. With government mandates driving the need for interoperability and ACOs soon tying quality of care and reimbursement as never before, a single-platform, enterprise IT solution that facilitates the efficient sharing of information and streamlines workflows is imperative. With that in mind, MEDHOST’s recently re-designed user interfaces and improved workflows enable users to fully realize the advantages of a holistic HIT solution.

MEDHOST also possesses a deep, inherent understanding of the hospital market, working with every type of hospital – from large, corporate for-profit chains to stand-alone hospitals of every size. Longstanding relationships with care providers in every stratum afford extraordinary insight, the ability to anticipate your needs and deep industry empathy. In short, MEDHOST knows its Customers and the challenges you’re facing. More importantly, MEDHOST knows how to help each of you become more profitable.

The Finger Is Mightier Than the Cursor.

It's simply a matter of ergonomics. The basic, tactile experience of touching a screen is easier than navigating a cursor to a check box, pull-down menu or text field. What's more, the simplicity of MEDHOST's touch-screen interfaces required a fundamental re-think of functionality and usability on our part.

By immersing themselves in the optimal workflows of actual practicing physicians and translating those actions to the realities of a more streamlined, intuitive touch-screen environment, MEDHOST's development team has changed the game. Our Agile development methodology has effectively addressed the number one issue confronting HIT administrators — user adoption.

MEDHOST's department-specific software and hospital-wide solutions, combined with our comprehensive services, result in a powerful, holistic offering designed to help hospitals improve operations, patient flow, care and revenue.