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PatientFlow HD - Reliable Patient Management System

MEDHOST PatientFlow HD is a real-time enterprise patient throughput solution that delivers tangible business and financial improvements. It provides hospital leaders with display-rich clinical and patient data for preemptive identification of process-management and patient-flow issues.

American Hospital Association Seal

MEDHOST PatientFlow HD has earned the exclusive endorsement of the American Hospital Association.

With a glance, operational leaders can interpret intuitive visualizations of capacity and of financial and operational outliers. A "one-click" feature allows you to identify high-impact patients (observation status, 30-day readmissions, etc.). Color-coded key performance indicators such as LOS thresholds enable hospital leaders to see where patient-flow and process changes must be made.

How does your hospital ALOS compare to other like-size hospitals?

Gain clinical and executive-level visibility into various operations with MEDHOST PatientFlow HD, including the data that MEDHOST does not capture. Highly graphical, easy-to-use solutions decrease decision making time by giving users the information they need to understand situations quickly. Visibility to key data drives transparency into hospital operations which is vital to creating positive change in your organization, such as decreasing the average length of stay.

Using demographic information and a few aggregate operational data indicators, we can show you just how much you could be saving by right-sizing your average length of stay (ALOS) to the 50th percentile of like-size hospitals.

Access unprecedented hospital-wide transparency that features:

  • Visibility into unit and bed assignments that informs recommendations for appropriate bed placements
  • Insight into staff variance, payer mix with Case Mix Index, financial KPIs, on-duty staff and service line saturation
  • Real-time screen and push notifications to keep patient care team up-to-date
  • Robust reporting and analytics, including month-to-date details about patient days by unit and hospital utilization
  • Average daily patient-flow milestones

MEDHOST also offers patient flow consulting to help hospitals enhance throughput and achieve material financial improvements. Our experts will conduct an opportunity assessment that includes a financial analysis, operational review and cultural evaluation. Findings are then compiled into an actionable improvement plan describing what interventions need to occur in order to achieve desired objectives.

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