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Professional Services

Outsourced Services

In this era of declining reimbursements, it’s critical that hospitals and health systems take a hard look at profitability and sustainability. MEDHOST Outsourced Services equip your hospital with the collective power of our system experts and industry-leading technology to help you do just that. Whether you need full underpayment recovery as part of our Contract Management, on-demand access to a custom reporting engine through our Reporting Services or concierge statement service through our Patients Statements Processing, MEDHOST can build a custom service offering to meet the specific needs of your hospital and community, as well as help you maximize revenue and reduce costs.

Contract Management

MEDHOST Contract Management helps ensure that you are accurately paid for the care you have provided. We calculate the contractual reimbursement owed to the hospital by insurance plans, identify root causes of underpayment, and correct or create new processes where needed. Contract management services from MEDHOST are available in three tiers:

  • Contract Maintenance: We maintain negotiated contract terms within MEDHOST Enterprise Solutions, correctly building your contracts the first time and incorporating fluctuations and updates over time.
  • Underpayment Validation: MEDHOST identifies underpayments on variance reports with the appropriate reason code and notifies you of any issues hindering accurate calculation of expected reimbursement.
  • Underpayment Recovery: MEDHOST collects unpaid reimbursements from your insurance payers by routinely following up on valid underpayments.

Reporting Services

MEDHOST Reporting Services give you a more granular view into the clinical, financial and revenue cycle performance of your hospital with consistently measured Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). We enable you to run custom reporting packages for installed software, and we can run one-time custom reports and custom report enhancements, as well as host and maintain your entire reporting infrastructure with a robust reporting engine built specifically to your operational needs.

We also leverage pre-packaged and customized SEQUEL dashboards that contain KPIs for specific areas of functionality, and MEDHOST’s Reporting Services team has more than 30 years of MEDHOST enterprise experience, including hospital CFO experience. They are here to help your facility transform data into interpretable and actionable information.

Patient Statements Processing

MEDHOST Patient Statements Processing is a concierge statement management service through which we rigorously perform quality assurance analyses to statements generated within the hospital’s installed MEDHOST system, send them to a statement processor and then mail to patients. With Patient Statements Processing, MEDHOST manages the process from statement generation to Customer delivery and return reporting. By combining this with our IVR and ePayment offerings, you can expect to receive patient payments much sooner.