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Patient Access

MEDHOST’s patient access solutions available in our hospital information system help clinicians manage all points of connection with their patients, enhancing their overall experience with your hospital, from scheduling to billing.

Request a DemoThe solutions that are part of this suite create a seamless patient access network providing healthcare organizations with access to clinical and financial patient information across the enterprise through our hospital information system while allowing them to create a seamless patient experience. Our patient access solutions also empowers patients to become engaged with the information process.

Charge Estimator

The Charge Estimator empowers patients to make informed healthcare decisions by improving price transparency. Patients may view an estimate of charges based on your facility’s historical data, not an average of national or local charges. By sharing this information with patients, you ensure compliance with all state and federal guidelines for healthcare pricing transparency.

MPI Manager

The MPI Manager accessible through our hospital information system allows you to add critical patient information into your records within minutes of a patient’s admission. This serves as your hospital’s central repository for patient demographic information. It is the key to tracking patient activity within your organization and across patient care settings. With the MPI Manager, your facility can eliminate repetitive data collection while minimizing duplicate records.

Online Registration and Pre-registration

With MEDHOST’s Registration tool, staff may gather all relevant patient medical and financial information, verify insurance eligibility, generate an admission notice and even check medical necessity, all through our hospital information system.

All patient information is stored using HIPAA-required methods and systems. The system also accepts payment upfront, improving cash flow.


With the MEDHOST patient scheduling solution, patients will be assigned to the appropriate resources and includes conflict checking, prerequisite warnings, charge entry and case management. You’ll experience reduced overall hospital length-of-stay, cost savings and efficient staff utilization. This scheduling tool also helps create a seamless process for the patient from the moment they arrive at the hospital until they’re discharged.