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Revenue Cycle

MEDHOST’s suite of Revenue Cycle applications available in our hospital information system helps you improve cash flow and financial performance, streamline workflow, reduce denied claims, facilitate charge capture and communicate more effectively with patients, employers and payers.

Request a DemoThese powerful tools are designed to facilitate automatic capture of all charges, ensure accurate claims, improve productivity and decision-making, and move you closer to becoming a paperless hospital.

Patient Statements

Save money on postage and mailings and improve your in-house processes with MEDHOST’s Patient Statements tool, easily accessible in our hospital information system. This tool gives you the ability to track a statement's progress and see when charges, payments and adjustments have posted. Designed to help you improve your billing process and accomplish in minutes what would take your in-house operation hours or days, Patient Statements enables you to generate and deliver statements, collection letters and other critical documents either electronically or through the mail.

Online Bill Payment

Provide patients with tools to make secure, online payments and view their account information and statements whenever is convenient for them. With Online Bill Payment, you can also reduce accounts receivable days and better manage invoice-processing costs.

Electronic Remittance Advice

With the MEDHOST Electronic Remittance application, you can electronically transmit Health Care Claim Payment/Advice (835) files through our hospital information system, eliminate the need for manual entry of claims data, speed the claims reconciliation process, and accelerate claim finalization and payment.

Electronic Claims

Improve productivity, increase your claims acceptance rate, decrease A/R days and ensure HIPAA compliance with MEDHOST’s automated claims application. This Web-based tool lets you edit and submit claims electronically, and with up-front editing, claims have fewer errors, which decreases follow-ups.

Contract Management

Ensure accurate reimbursement through automated management of complex contracts, and calculate and reconcile expected payments for more effective communications with insurance carriers. With detailed tracking of contracts by insurance provider, you can account for every dollar owed to the hospital, all within functionality intuitively designed in our hospital information system.

Document Management System

MEDHOST Documentation Management System (DMS) is a central control and routing system for documentation within the enterprise solution. With MEDHOST DMS, healthcare professionals can efficiently and securely manage the flow of healthcare documentation between applications.

MEDHOST DMS helps your facility create financial, operational and clinical efficiencies by enabling:

  • Secure management of financial and clinical healthcare information
  • Efficient management of security rules, user access and audit logs
  • Automatic transmission to disparate systems
  • Easy documentation search and extraction from MEDHOST Enterprise Systems

Denial Management

MEDHOST Denial Management module provides customers with advanced tools to identify, measure, resolve and prevent denials.

Features of the product:

  • Data capture from payer remittance and claim status
  • Denial qualifying using payer claim status, adjustment group codes and reason codes
  • Denial categorization
  • Denial reporting to measure and manage denials
  • Root cause analysis and decision support for denial prevention
  • Workflow tools to drive assignment, follow-up and resolution

Expected benefits of the product:

  • Improvement in key financial and operational performance metrics including collections, cash flow, accounts receivable days outstanding, denial rate, bad debt write-offs
  • Reduced training for follow-up staff

Denial Management Module is available to all MEDHOST Enterprise Customers and has a short implementation time so you can be on a fast route to managing your denials.