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YourCareLink is a turn-key, hosted interface engine and integration service in the cloud that, as part of YourCareUniverse, supports an organization’s independent data transmission and interface needs.

YourCareLink – Cloud-Based Interface Engine

Integrating your data transmission systems will bring remarkable financial and operational value to your hospital, but managing competing or redundant interfaces can significantly consume both internal resources and operating expenses.

YourCareLink develops and manages every system interface from a holistic, 360o-perspective.

Our outsourcing services complement next-generation interface engine technology that supports healthcare protocols including, but not limited to, HL7, X12, web services and direct communications and transformations. YourCareLink offers complete interface development and management, external and internal data transmission with 24x7 integration support.

YCL Outsourced Interface Engine chart 

YourCareLink – Third-Party Integration

YourCareLink powers instant access to seamless data sharing from your systems to strategic destinations-and vice-versa. Information is electronically shared and communicated between care providers to support coordinated care.

Data can be transmitted via the YCL engine from hospitals to Direct Exchanges, Electronic Health Information Exchanges (HIEs), and Laboratory and Radiology facilities via secure data sharing so your information can be protected.

YCL Third-Party Transmission chart 

YourCareLink - State Reporting

Many hospitals are missing a key Meaningful Use Stage 2 requirement that can derail your efforts: sending syndromic surveillance, lab results and immunization registry data to your states’ public health agencies.

This mandate is particularly complex for healthcare providers that operate facilities in more than one state because each state has different submission requirements.

There is no need to burden yourself with this time-consuming reporting state requirement because MEDHOST can easily take care of it from start to finish with YourCareLink.

YCL Public State Reporting chart 

YourCareLink offers many benefits:

  • End-to-end custom interfaces according to your specific needs
  • Integration support 24x7 and scheduled backups
  • Transmits data from hospitals to Direct Exchanges, HIEs, laboratory and radiology facilities
  • Completely handles the state certification process and coordinates with states to resolve any transmission errors
  • Monitors and maintains data feed to identify problems or deficiencies
  • Provides proof of ongoing submission allowing hospitals to meet the Meaningful Use 2 reporting requirements