What is referral leakage?

Referral leakage is the result of a primary care physician or a specialists sending their patients to a provider or hospital outside your network and facility.

Where is your physician referral system leaking?

Providers often do not take into consideration network affiliation when referring patients. Insurance requirements and quality care remain the top reasons for patient referrals. However, there are several reasons associated with referrals, such as ease of access, patient requests and providers making referrals to out-of-network colleagues and delivery networks.

How can you reduce referral leakage and increase revenue for new technology investments?

Network referral management can have vast effects on quality care and your hospitals bottom line. Yet, many hospitals or health care systems do not realize the amount of revenue that is leaking out of their organization. With the use of rich analytics and actionable insight, discover how to reduce your referral leakage, increase referrals and leverage new technology to fill care coordination gaps.

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Let us help you identify referral networks and increase revenue for your hospital.

MEDHOST’s Referral Management Program features:

  • • A complimentary Referral Community Report of your hospital’s referral networks.
  • • A custom consultation by our subject matter experts.
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