An Exercise for Healthcare IT Optimization

Promoting Operational and Clinical Wellness | For Clinical Operations Directors Who Love Using Efficiency to Improve Outcomes

See the impact workflow optimizations had on Claiborne Memorial Medical Center’s ability to improve patient throughput and clinical outcomes.

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“An EHR cannot replace the human connection in care. Instead, the hospital staff and technology must work together to support an entire body of care.”

Healthcare is a relationship-first business. A hospital’s ability to operate and deliver care with efficiency often sets the foundation of that relationship. When was the last time you checked foundations of your hospital’s core mission?

Strengthen your Hospital’s Core

Just like maintaining a healthy body, keeping a hospital fit takes a consistent commitment to operational and clinical wellness.

See how CMMC was able to reinforce their commitment to population health through an exercise in optimization.

“We had a system designed to manage a modern-day hospital, but we were operating like it was the 1980s.”

Tiffany Feazell, Clinical IT Analyst, Claiborne Memorial Medical Center (CMMC)

From care to operations to compliance, an EHR workflow optimization can help your hospital fulfill its mission with greater efficiency and consideration.