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Tuesday February 14, 2023

3 Healthcare Consumer Engagement Trends for 2023

We recently had the pleasure of attending Becker's Digital Innovation + patient Experience + Marketing Virtual Event. As a partner in community hospital marketing services and solutions, we'd like to share some of the insights we were able to take away from these talks.

Fundamentals Still Matter

When healthcare consumers decide where to seek care, fundamentals remain the driving force behind their choice. They want to know if a provider takes their insurance, first and foremost. After that, price and convenience are a close second. An existing relationship with the provider is much lower on the list.

Putting this business-critical information front and center is crucial to meeting patient expectations and differentiating your healthcare facility in an increasingly crowded market.

The insights provided by an EHR can facilitate the deployment of targeted communications, which can drive business growth while reducing the costs associated with consumer engagement. This information can also help hospitals get to know their patients better through in-depth reporting.

Consumers Expect Transparency and Convenience

Providers risk losing consumers in a split second when answers about pricing, hours of operation, and scheduling aren't forthcoming. These initial touchpoints are crucial to providing the level of service your facility needs to stand out.

Moreover, the relatively low cost of certain procedures at rural facilities may mean that price transparency could give community hospitals an advantage over the competition.

Price Transparency and Patient Access solutions can help hospitals put accurate and up-to-date pricing in front of new customers, leverage the latest digital tools to improve scheduling, and increase the flow of revenue. Additionally, Health Infromation Exchange (HIE) partnerships make it easier than ever for facilities to exchange vital data, benefiting both patients and providers.

Following treatment, patient-centered billing practices are the capstone of a holistic care experience. Online bill pay can speed up the revenue cycle, increase business operations transparency, and create a value-focused customer experience.

Embrace Emerging Technology

With an increasingly complex ecosystem of services offered by new startups, insurance companies, and pharmacies, the importance of consumer trust in whether patients are willing to use new technologies has come under increased scrutiny.

Among these new ways to engage with physicians, Beckers examined different competitors and how likely consumers were to engage with them using secure, online communication.

Becker’s research found that local providers are still the most trusted source of health information, even more so than an individual’s insurance company.

Now, more than ever, taking advantage of that edge is crucial for community hospitals to maintain profitability. As a suite of feature-rich mobile apps, MEDHOST Mobility offers numerous options to directly connect provider and patient.

YourCare Marketing

YourCare Marketing offers an opportunity to convert this trust into revenue through digital marketing automation that helps your facility better engage with healthcare consumers. We have a variety of programs to fit your budget, and our team can augment and support your existing marketing efforts with minimal disruption to daily operations.

YourCare Marketing includes:

  • Facility-customized digital and printed materials to encourage more patient activity with a patient portal
  • Educational monthly newsletters
  • Targeted campaigns to promote usage of specific service lines within the hospital or clinics
  • Focused efforts to increase awareness of health and wellness offerings within the hospital or clinic
  • Notices to promote participation in upcoming events
  • Social Media management

To learn more about MEDHOST can help your facility meet emerging trends in healthcare consumerism, reach out to us at 1.800.383.6278 or send an email to

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