3 Strategies to Ensure You Don’t Lose Meaningful Use Incentives Because of State Health Reporting

As you prepare to attest for Meaningful Use Stage 2, there are three specific core measures you can’t let slip through the cracks: public health reporting for states. Joe Wortmann, Vice President of Outsourced Services for MEDHOST, shares some of his insight into state reporting requirements.

“Each state requires reporting of syndromic, lab and immunization data,” Wortmann said. “You must also be able to prove that you have sent them, not just once, but continually over time.”

Joe explains that even though this measure is a CMS mandate, there is no standardized method for how it’s to be completed; it’s up to each state to determine how it prefers to receive this data from hospitals.

Even though the CMS mandate is imposed at the federal level, the states can each require different formats for receiving each of the three measures for immunization, syndromic and lab data, and can change that criteria (as we have already seen) without prior notification. It requires continual monitoring and troubleshooting.

Since the information you need to report is HL7 data, you’ll need to take one of three key steps to attest successfully,” he continued. “You can opt to do it yourself, use a third party or engage a service such as YourCareLink.”

Each of these options comes with its own set of considerations:

Option 1: Do It Yourself

You’ll need your own interface engine to meet state submission requirements. That will require modification, filtering and repackaging of these messages before they can be sent through a secure transport mechanism to the state agency. And don’t forget, you have to log all activity to prove it’s been completed.

Option 2: Third-Party Provider

If you decide to engage a third-party vendor, you can look for help from consultants, contractors and possibly HIEs (where available). But just like filing personal income taxes, the responsibility and accountability for reporting accurately still falls on your facility.

Option 3: MEDHOST YourCareLink

A state reporting turnkey service, YourCareLink packages the messages into the state-acceptable format and delivers them to the state. YourCareLink also provides the documentation to successfully defend this measures against a Meaningful Use audit if required.

Whatever route you choose, it’s imperative to maximize efficiency and minimize the impact on your resources. After all, you have the business of healthcare to run.

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