When Big Data Is Too Big to Handle

Industry experts will tell you that healthcare is all about data. Providers gather patient data so they can make accurate diagnoses and thoughtful treatment decisions. Health systems rely on data to verify areas where they need to improve and the areas in which they excel. Healthcare organizations and thought leaders examine over-arching data trends to see where healthcare is going next — then they use that information to find a way to adapt and remain successful.

But what happens when interpreting all that data becomes paralyzing? Or, worse, your organization is buried in so much data that you don’t analyze it at all?

A lot of times, smaller health systems, like hospitals in rural areas or small communities. Simply don’t have the manpower to gather and interpret all the data they need to succeed in today’s healthcare environment. As technology improves, health systems are able to gather more and more data. Imagine how you could improve your market share if you had the resources to interpret and use the following types of information:

  • Your market share
  • Your competitors’ market share
  • Regulatory issues and penalties
  • Patient readmissions
  • Value-based purchasing
  • CMS requirements
  • Patient satisfaction and loyalty
  • Clinical outcomes

Big data is getting bigger and in some geographic areas there is a shortage of analysts and technologists who are trained to pull meaningful information from it.

How MEDHOST Can Help

MEDHOST has spent decades developing its tools and offerings, and hiring top analysts in the field to provide best-in-breed data analysis to health systems. The following MEDHOST offerings put your data to work for you:

  • PatientFlow HD provides hospital leaders with clinical and patient data that allows them to identify process-management and patient-flow issues. We also offer patient flow consulting where our experts will conduct an opportunity assessment that includes a financial analysis, operational review and cultural evaluation. We take those findings and compile them into an improvement plan that describes what interventions need to occur.
  • YourCareUniverse puts patient data at your fingertips so you can establish a positive relationship with patients and gain visibility into referral patterns. YourCareUniverse also provides tools for secure messaging, aggregation of data. Specifically, from wellness devices and the ability to track and manage diseases.

These are just two tools that could help your organization gather, interpret. Also, use your patient and business data in a way that will help you achieve your desired outcomes. About twenty percent* of the hospitals in the United States are MEDHOST’s customers utilizing its various offerings. We are offering solutions that will not only interpret your data, but also deliver it to you in a useful and actionable format, enabling you to accelerate your operational performance, patient engagement and clinical quality.



MEDHOST PatientFlow HD and the Health Care Consumer Engagement Platform from YourCareUniverse have earned the exclusive endorsement of the American Hospital Association. Solution includes patient portal, advanced analytics and CRM.