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Managed IT Services

Because technology is constantly changing and evolving, IT management can present a significant obstacle for healthcare organizations of all sizes. Insufficient cybersecurity measures and an overworked IT team can result in operational interruptions, clinical mistakes, and system downtime. These issues negatively impact patient care and can add up on a hospital’s balance sheet over time.

Managed IT Services is a comprehensive solution designed to meet the technology demands of healthcare organizations at any scale. Our team of experienced IT professionals offers 24/7 customer support, complete infrastructure management, network operations, contract negotiations, and oversight for specialized devices.

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    Less Downtime, More Peace of Mind

    Managed IT Services help healthcare facilities get the most out of their IT investments and maintain continuity of care with features like:

    Network Administration
    A well-managed network is essential to support interoperability. MEDTEAM gives your facility access to the latest technologies and practices needed to optimize data exchange, enhance the patient experience, and minimize downtime for care teams.

    Infrastructure Management

    Following an evaluation of your current infrastructure, MEDTEAM will advise on what changes, if any, are required to achieve reliability, performance, and security objectives. We can also monitor and maintain facility servers and network infrastructure, giving you the certainty of on-demand data solutions that support modern care modalities.

    Desktop Support

    Supported by role-based expertise, our in-house team is ready to help you address everything from desktop hardware and peripherals to third-party applications. From implementation onward, Desktop Support works 24/7 to resolve any issue quickly and accurately.

    We also customize our service packages to address organization-specific needs and governance.

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