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Security Operations Center

Experience Less Downtime and More Peace of Mind with Affordable Security Coverage that Prioritizes Action over Alerts

MEDTEAM Security Operations Center (SOC) provides highly specialized and comprehensive services designed to establish a secure environment for our clients. Through actively monitoring and triaging threats, we enable community hospitals to focus more on delivering uninterrupted care and exceptional experiences.

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Calculating the Cost of Cyber Attacks

Malicious actors have proven their ability to infiltrate healthcare networks, and the global shortage of skilled information security experts further intensifies the issue.

Records Breached
Last 12 Months
People Impacted
Last 12 Months
Million (USD)
Average Breach Cost
Last 12 Months

With the escalating incidence of cyberattacks and ransomware, community healthcare organizations seeking to establish robust security programs can benefit from a seasoned partner who understands their unique challenges. 

With an A rating from RiskRecon™ by Mastercard™ and a price point that outshines the competition, choosing MEDTEAM is the smart decision for safeguarding your data. 

A Dedication Beyond Security

When crafting this solution, we aimed to address the unique obstacles and realities of the community hospital market. We recognize your critical role in delivering essential healthcare services, and our commitment extends beyond security – it's about safeguarding and supporting the friends, family, and neighbors who come through your front door.

Proven Expertise  

Amid a cybersecurity labor shortage, we transcend the role of a regular service provider. Choosing MEDTEAM SOC means partnering with a dedicated team of experts who will collaborate on a solution tailored to your organization's needs.  

Comprehensive Protection  

From initial evaluation to ongoing monitoring, our clients enjoy 24/7 support.  

Dynamic Response  

We go beyond observing and take proactive steps to help stop criminals in the act.

In-Depth Analysis  

Extensive data analysis provides meaningful and timely information via easy-to-understand reports and practical recommendations, allowing clients to make important decisions about access and governance. 

Seamless Integration  

Implementation is easy, and value can be achieved from day one. That’s because we enhance security without disrupting your tech stack.  

Cost-Effective Safeguards  

We can provide top-tier protection at a fraction of the cost of other SOC providers, with a proven return on investment through comprehensive threat detection and rapid response.  

Ready for a Better Approach to Patient Data Security?

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