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Information Security Services

Expertise in Identifying Risks Before a Threat can Exploit Your Facility

Experienced security leaders are difficult to find and fund. MEDTEAM Information Security Services can provide that expertise in identifying risks before a threat actor can exploit them. We can perform a one-time cost-effective analysis and/or remain engaged as a long-term partner.

Security Review – A seasoned information security leader identifies risks via 12 control objectives. Findings are prioritized and reviewed with the client. A strategy to improve the security of the client is documented allowing facilities to prioritize their funding for maximum impact.

Virtual CISO – while a security review is a one-time review, the virtual CISO is an upgraded service that provides you with a dedicated resource to remain engaged with your facility for ongoing security needs. This service provides analysis, coaching, and expertise in reducing risks identified in the security review.

Security Operations Center (SOC) - MEDTEAM's Security Operations Center (SOC) adopts a comprehensive approach to cybersecurity, giving utmost importance to design, testing, user training, and real-time monitoring. Healthcare organizations are at a greater risk of data breaches, leading to significant financial losses. Ransomware attacks, in particular, have adversely affected hospitals by causing revenue losses and expensive system restorations. To help tackle these threats and the increased insurance premiums, MEDTEAM SOC provides a solution that conforms to the best practices while being mindful of budgetary limitations.

Our team possesses extensive experience in securing both on-premises and cloud resources, and we can customize our service offerings to match unique governance structures. At MEDTEAM, we believe that information security is a valuable investment that leads to reduced risk, improved quality, and lower costs.


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