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White Paper: Best Practices for Successful Health IT Implementation

Best Practice Successful Health IT Implementation Cover EHRElectronic Health Record (EHR) implementation can be very disruptive. Poor planning and execution can significantly impact you operationally, clinically, and financially. More than 50 percent of EHR systems either fail or fail to be properly utilized.1 The adverse effects of a poorly implemented health IT solution will usually be felt immediately as your staff adjusts to your newly implemented solution, but may last indefinitely. In this executive brief, we will discuss critical elements inherent in and associated with successful implementations; elements that can position your organization for long term success.

Replacing an existing EHR or any core health IT solution is expensive and future operating costs vary widely. Successful healthcare organizations do thorough research and are as informed as possible before settling on a particular EHR solution. The right decision will help reduce wasted time and resources, costly errors, and staff frustration.

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