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MEDHOST Clinical Information Solutions

Clinical Information Systems

MEDHOST’s clinical solutions were developed specifically to enhance the end-user’s experience. Designed with the help of the clinicians themselves, these comprehensive clinical information systems inherently accessible in our hospital information system increase efficiency, enhance decision-making, and further patient safety and satisfaction initiatives.

These clinical data management applications help improve financial performance in the two areas that can significantly affect your facility’s bottom line: the surgery and emergency departments. Here is our full list of clinical solutions:

Physician Experience

This clinical data management solution leverages simplicity to deliver a truly physician-centric experience and innovatively designed for our hospital information system. It allows clinicians to create and view documentation throughout the physician-patient continuum without changing the way you work.

Emergency Department Information System (EDIS)

A critical piece of our clinical solutions, EDIS is a complete electronic health record (EHR) for the Emergency Department. This tool helps improve communication, workflow, patient care and throughput. We’ve also included automated notifications, risk alerts and visual cues to boost patient safety. Making clinical data management easier in the Emergency Department our unique touch-screen design promotes increased user interaction and rich data capture.

Learn more about EDIS.


An integral piece of our clinical information systems, the eMAR (Electronic Medication Administration Records) upholds the Five Rights, and captures billing charges with real-time medication administration. Our eMAR clinical data management solution keeps patients safe by both alerting staff when medications are due and when criteria do not match.

Mobile Medication Administration (MMA)

MEDHOST Mobile Medication Administration (MMA) is an iOS app that provides access to MEDHOST’s electronic medication record (eMAR) using a handheld mobile device. The MEDHOST MMA app delivers patient benefits that can help hospitals create quality care while reducing the burden on clinicians and helping to decrease the medication errors that occur at the point of administration.

Patient Care Documentation

MEDHOST Patient Care Documentation is a multi-disciplinary clinical data management suite available via our hospital information system that provides online patient records with increased organization and navigation capabilities.

Laboratory, Pharmacy, and Radiology Information Systems

These three clinical information systems provide clarity across major departments, allowing your care providers to improve turnaround, foster patient safety, streamline order processing, and increase accessibility. The goal of these three clinical solutions is to provide critical information at the most opportune moments.

Computerized Provider Order Entry (CPOE)

CPOE is a clinical solution that provides a faster, more convenient way for physicians to accomplish tasks. Orders can be placed anytime and anywhere a secure connection exists.

Advanced Perioperative Information Management System (PIMS)

Another key component of MEDHOST’s clinical solutions, PIMS allows you to manage the entire continuum of surgical care, from initial consult to post-surgery discharge. PIMS includes a surgical and anesthesia solutions. Because PIMS replaces paper charts with instantly available digital data, clinicians involved in the perioperative care cycle can complete tasks faster and more accurately while spending quality time with patients - a primary feature of our hospital information system. Read more about the Advanced Perioperative Information Management System.

Document Management System

MEDHOST Documentation Management System (DMS) is a central control and routing system for documentation within the enterprise solution. With MEDHOST DMS, healthcare professionals can efficiently and securely manage the flow of healthcare documentation between applications.

MEDHOST DMS helps your facility create operational and clinical efficiencies by enabling:

  • Secure management of healthcare information
  • Efficient management of security rules, user access and audit logs
  • Automatic transmission to disparate systems
  • Easy documentation search and extraction from MEDHOST Enterprise System

For more information about our clinical solutions, contact us today.