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Nurses/Patient Care

Our fully integrated EHR optimizes nurses workflows, ensuring that time spent with patients is meaningful. With clinical solutions that allow nurses to work efficiently within interdisciplinary care teams they can:
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Accurate Patient Assessments

The Patient Care tools allow nurses to easily access a patient's history—transcribed documents, x-rays, and previous records or documents—document vital signs, create care plans, and document conditions using scales and scores.

Each documentation tool is customizable to  facility’s needs based on department or patient population. System triggers can also be configured for specific care plans or referrals for treatment based on nurse assessments.

Plan and Perform Patient Care

The Patient Care tools help nurses streamline patient care with customized care plans. Care plans can also be individualized based on patient needs and interdisciplinary care team input.

Plans are created by entering scheduled tasks and treatmentsinto a worklist. Nurses can use these lists to help guide their practice as well as coordinate with other nurses in organizing the care of patients.

Accurate Medication Administration

Our Electronic Medication Administration Record (eMAR) provides a medication process that drives patient safety, efficiency, and charge accuracy. This solution has integrated features that provide a closed-loop medication administration process through bar code scanning. A core value of eMAR is correct identification the Five Rights of Medication Administration—the right patient, drug, dose, route, and time.

Each clinical solutions is designed to meet the regulatory requirements for the documentation of medication administration and accommodate standard nurse workflows including:

  • Consent for Administration
  • First Dose Education
  • Follow-up Assessments

Improve Patient Education

Armed with MEDHOST clinical tools, nurses can quickly document all patient education tasks, log patient’s understanding, and make notes for any necessary follow-ups. Documentation of education can also be shared with other members of an interdisciplinary care team.

Additional discharge education materials can be made available through a third-party integration that provides comprehensive patient education resources covering initial treatment to discharge.