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Continuing Health IT Solutions Education

Meet modern-day healthcare IT challenges with confidence and additional expertise.

Continuing Health IT Solutions Education

With healthcare continuously evolving in new and challenging ways, healthcare professionals must never stop learning. Continuous education empowers your teams with confidence to perform their job and focus on providing excellent care to your patients.

MEDHOST University is the ultimate educational and learning center for our customers. It includes education for end-users, administrators, new users, or existing users with the flexibility to learn via live virtual, live classroom, on-demand, and print content.

Our services and products offer diverse and effective learning opportunities:

MEDHOST Learning Essentials
Interactive, Self-Paced eLearning Experience

Equip your teams with innovative online opportunities that help train them at their own pace with short, consumable segments. Whether you need educational solutions for new product implementations, onboarding, retraining, or cross-training, MEDHOST Learning Essentials might be just what you are looking for.

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MEDHOST Empower Training
Proactive and Flexible Learning

Designed to equip customers with supplemental knowledge about MEDHOST solutions, the Empower Training Packages provide proactive and flexible learning opportunities. Our training focuses on key areas of the hospital that impact patient care, financials, and operations, helping our customers to achieve desired goals and outcomes.

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    Learn from experts with decades of healthcare experience and rise to the top in your department.

    MEDHOST Education Department

    Become the go-to MEDHOST expert for your department with easy access to healthcare technology educators who’ve garnered decades of experience in their fields. Our in-house team provides virtual and live training on various application subjects to help you and your team quickly master our tools and readily acclimate to new trends in HIT.

    What You Get with a MEDHOST Education

    • Training on new product releases, regulatory changes, standardized courses, customized training, webinars, optimization, and special requests
    • Customer-focused training resources developed by seasoned healthcare and instructional learning professionals
    • Creation of eLearning, job aids, quick steps, and recorded learning

    MEDHOST Education Faculty

    Our education team includes instructors, instructional designers, and eLearning developers tasked with organizing and delivering consistent training within MEDHOST, concentrating on MEDHOST tools, software, and data reports.

    MEDHOST Educational Resources

    We’re constantly adding to our repository of online resources for those of you who like self-paced learning. Our Learning Management Center contains a wide range of learning materials developed with direct input from various subject matter experts.

    Thought Leadership

    In addition to formal customer education, MEDHOST prides itself in providing thought leadership that is educational and informational. Topics cover everything from innovations in healthcare information technologies to revenue cycle best practices to tips on improving patient engagement. All these come in a variety of formats, including:

    • Blogs
    • White papers
    • Case studies
    • Podcasts
    • Videos
    • And more

    You can get access to all of this helpful healthcare IT content from the Resource section of our website.

    Want to stay ahead of the healthcare IT game and experience more business success?