Why Choose MEDHOST’s Clinician Experience

  • Enables clinicians to view documentation throughout the continuum of care and minimizes workflow disruptions.
  • Easy to use with built-in safeguards that uphold the Five Rights of Medication Administration.
  • Effective bill charge capture with real-time medication administration.
  • Multi-disciplinary clinical data management supports organization and makes navigating online patient records simple and secure.
  • A central control and routing system for documentation within the MEDHOST Enterprise EHR.
  • Guides efficient and secure management of documentation between applications and departments.

Benefits of MEDHOST’s Laboratory, Radiology, and Pharmacy Information Systems

  • Integrates seamlessly with MEDHOST EHR.
  • Empowers providers to improve turnaround time.
  • Helps improve patient safety.
  • Streamlines order processing and increases clinical information accessibility.

Empower your clinicians with health data tools that help them excel at their jobs and provide a superior patient experience.

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Laboratory, Radiology, and Pharmacy Information Systems

MEDHOST Laboratory, Radiology, and Pharmacy information systems integrate seamlessly with our Enterprise EHR, empowering providers to improve diagnostic turnaround time, foster improved patient safety, streamline order processing, and increase clinical information accessibility.

Documentation Management

MEDHOST Documentation Management System (DMS) serves as a central control and routing hub for documentation within our enterprise solution. It facilitates the efficient and secure management of documentation between applications and departments.

MEDHOST DMS also helps your facility securely and efficiently manage healthcare information including security rules, user access, and audit logs. Expanded features in DMS are useful for enabling automatic transmission of documentation for easy search and extraction.


Patient Care Documentation

MEDHOST Patient Care Documentation is a multi-disciplinary clinical data management suite integrated into the MEDHOST Health Information System. This clinical data integration enables secure online access to patient records with user-friendly navigation for improved organization.

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Mobile Medication Administration (MMA)

MEDHOST MMA is an iOS app that enables access to MEDHOST’s electronic medication record (eMAR) via a mobile device. The app helps hospitals consistently deliver quality care by taking the burden off clinicians to ensure accurate medication errors at the point of administration.



MEDHOST’s eMAR solution is an integral piece of our clinical information system that is simple to use with built-in safeguards. Our eMAR clinical data solution upholds the Five Rights of Medication Administration and supports charge captures with real-time medication administration. The solution proactively promotes patient safety by alerting staff when medications are due to be administered and when criteria do not match.

Emergency Department – Your Hospital’s Front Door

MEDHOST EDIS integrates with hospital information systems, EHRs, HIEs, and other data repositories accessed by ambulatory departments and clinics, primary care provider systems, and more.

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