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Patient Access Solutions

MEDHOST Patient Access Solution helps hospitals better connect with patients throughout the administrative process, promoting an enhanced patient experience from scheduling to billing.

This suite of administrative hospital services helps create a seamless network of accessible patient data. Through this data flow, healthcare organizations can see complete clinical and financial patient information across the entire enterprise. By integrating front-end processes into your hospital’s information system, you can help improve administrative workflows and empower patients to become more engaged with the information process.

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    Charge Estimator

    Provide your patients with improved price transparency by estimating charges based on your facility’s historical data.

    Online Bill Payment

    Make it easier for patients to view their account information and make payments on their time. Online payment options can also alleviate invoice-processing costs.

    Online Registration

    Online registration integrates with our Health Information System (HIS) to aggregate relevant patient medical and financial information, verify insurance eligibility, generate an admission notice, and even check medical necessity and acceptance of advance payments.


    Support your staff and treat your community to a seamless care experience by matching patients to the most appropriate resources. Built-in scheduling functionality includes conflict checking, prerequisite warnings, charge entry, and case management capabilities.