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Emergency Departments

Hospital leaders rate the emergency department (ED) as the most difficult area of the hospital to  improve efficiencies and reduce costs.

MEDHOST Emergency Department Information System (EDIS) can help turn the ED tables by reducing documentation errors, creating revenue, speeding patient throughput, and increasing patient satisfaction scores. Designed by physicians and nurses, more clinicians use our EDIS system than any other.

A robust EHR for emergency departments, our solution will:

Doctors operating

Enhance Staff Communication and Workflow

MEDHOST EDIS enables rich data capture and process optimization that promotes rapid adoption and user interaction. Our platform enables your clinical staff to operate at peak efficiency, while giving hospital leaders the real-time, actionable information they need to quickly identify potential problems.

Physicians and nurses can easily work together to ensure that patients receive the appropriate orders, referrals, and discharge packets prior to leaving the ED. Packets are also sent to our Patient Portal where patients can easily access their personal health records and interact with their healthcare providers after discharge.

Increase Clinical Accuracy

Multidisciplinary, flexible charting helps maximize documentation speed and increase clinical accuracy. We’ve eliminated the drop-down menus, unnecessary screens, and multiple key strokes that impede the care process. Built-in risk mitigation with automated notifications, risk alerts, and visual cues also help increase patient safety and promote higher patient satisfaction scores.

Manage and Fine-Tune Your ED’s Performance

MEDHOST EDIS frees up more time for physicians and staff nurses. Instead of spending hours charting, these clinicians can direct their attention at monitoring patient care and improving throughput. For example, prior to implementing MEDHOST EDIS, Mt. San Rafael Hospital in Trinidad, CO struggled with a paper-driven ED environment that resulted in lab status delays and time-consuming documentation workflows. Learn how their adoption of MEDHOST EDIS helped increase their ROI 8.7% by freeing up clinicians so they could better concentrate on patient care.