MEDHOST suite of Revenue Cycle applications available in our hospital information system helps you improve cash flow and financial performance, streamline workflow, reduce denied claims, facilitate charge capture and communicate more effectively with patients, employers and payers.

These powerful tools are designed to facilitate automatic capture of all charges, ensure accurate claims, improve productivity and decision-making, and move you closer to becoming a paperless hospital.

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    • Patient Statements

      Expedite the process of electronic or paper-based statements and collection letters. MEDHOST Patient Statements gives you the ability to track a statement’s progress and see when charges, payments and adjustments have posted.

    • Online Bill Payment

      Offer patients insight into their account information and make it easier for them to submit payments around the clock with an online. MEDHOST Online Bill Payment also facilitates the management of invoice-processing costs.

    • Online Registration and

      The MEDHOST Registration and Pre- Registration tool supports your front office by integrating with our Health Information System (HIS) to aggregate relevant patient medical and financial information, verify insurance eligibility, generate an admission notice, and even check medical necessity and acceptance of advance payments.

    • Electronic Remittance Advice

      Experience faster, more efficient claims adjudication with MEDHOST Electronic Remittance Advice, an application that facilitates the receipt of 835 electronic transactions and auto-posting of the claim payment data.

    • Electronic Claims

      Allow for easier electronic claims submission, as well as front-end editing. MEDHOST Electronic Claims helps your staff reduce errors, an increase claim acceptance rate, and lower Accounts Receivable (AR) days.

    • Contract Management

      Automate payer contracts with MEDHOST Contract Management and help ensure you can accurately calculate expected payments and reconcile every dollar that you are owed.

    • Documentation Management System

      Your central control and routing hub for documentation, MEDHOST Documentation and Management System is designed to facilitate the efficient and secure management of documentation between applications and departments.

    • Denial Management

      Get access to advanced tools that help your team identify, measure, resolve and prevent denials. MEDHOST Denial Management can help improve key financial and operational performance metrics including collections, cash flow, accounts receivable, denial rate and bad debt write-offs.

    • MPI Manager

      Get direct access to a central repository for patient demographic information. The MEDHOST Master Patient Index (MPI) Manager facilitates a trouble-free update of critical patient information within minutes of admission.