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Enhanced Productivity and Real-Time Insights

MEDHOST HIM Worklist is a cloud-based, multi-tenant platform designed to improve productivity and maximize revenue streams for HIM coders using MEDHOST Abstracting. Our platform consolidates fragmented workflows within a centralized model that enables users to code for multiple hospitals while prioritizing encounters.

Because our platform seamlessly integrates with MEDHOST Enterprise, coders can tap into near real-time information and a host of time- and cost-saving encounter management solutions.

Maximized Revenue

Worklist gives coders on-demand access to the information they need within a single, comprehensive solution. Through seamless integration and a centralized model, this platform helps coders streamline workflows, reduce delays in the billing process, and ensure accurate reimbursements.

By incorporating a full suite of encounter functionalities, our solution also allows coders to lock records, add hold reasons, collaborate with other users, and filter by service code, to prevent conflicts and improve workflow efficiencies.

Reinforced Compliance

Our solutions helps improve compliance and regulatory adherence through accurate and complete coding and the ability to track and manage encounters. HIM coders can access a comprehensive worklist that helps maintain data integrity and quality through streamlined workflows and efficient coding practices.

Quick, Low-Impact Implementation

A fast and painless implementation means hospitals can start experiencing the benefits as soon as possible, without upending existing workflows.

Our organization-specific implementation methodology ensures smooth coordination and communication between internal and external stakeholders without the need for excessive onsite personnel. This approach minimizes end-user impact, tracks progress, and facilitates efficient issue resolution, keeping hospital operations running seamlessly.


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