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Next-Level Technology for Clinicians in Every Department

Our Clinical Solutions are specifically designed to integrate with MEDHOST Enterprise Electronic Health Records (EHR) and ultimately enhance the end-to-end user experience. Our Clinical Solutions were developed and implemented with the direct input of clinicians to help create efficiencies, improve decision-making, and further patient safety and satisfaction.

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Advanced Clinicial Solutions
EDIS hospital illustration

EDIS (Emergency Department Information System)

MEDHOST EDIS has been designed by physicians and nurses on the front line of care and operating room management. EDIS delivers faster patient throughput and higher patient satisfaction scores.

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Perioperative Experience

MEDHOST Perioperative Experience delivers real-time access to patient data and clinical systems. It enables full perioperative management and decision support from initial consult to nurse charting to post-surgery discharge.

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Clinician Experience

A suite of solutions developed to promote collaborative care and meet evolving healthcare delivery needs. Patient Care Documentation, eMAR, and Care Plan modules offer pre-built and customizable designs that serve the needs of your entire interdisciplinary team while focusing on patient safety and the highest quality of care.

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Physician Experience

MEDHOST Physician Experience enables clinicians to view documentation throughout the continuum of care with technological advantages that won’t disrupt their workflows.

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Physician Experience
MEDHOST Anesthesia Experience

Anesthesia Experience

MEDHOST Anesthesia Experience supports essential aspects of anesthesia care across the perioperative workflow. Anesthesiologists can access medication documentation, vitals graphing, anesthesia charting, and orders through a comprehensive clinician-driven application.

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Pharmacy Experience

MEDHOST Pharmacy Experience is designed to save time and streamline medication therapy by prioritizing unverified orders and providing quick access to patient charts—all within a single, comprehensive solution.

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Physician Experience