Health IT Solutions for Providers Serving the Healthcare Consumers of Today

For over three decades, our proven healthcare information technology has advanced from a purely clinical and financial focus to actively engaging consumers and expanding the continuum of care.

No matter the size or scope, all providers are now operating in a new world. From large multi-facility systems to small community and rural  hospitals, it’s imperative that providers embrace technology to the fullest and actively engage patients and consumers. MEDHOST is a trusted healthcare information technology partner with a firm grasp on the next era in healthcare.

Currently, MEDHOST provides market-leading enterprise, departmental and healthcare engagement solutions to more than 1,000 healthcare facilities. Our broad offerings have solutions that benefit all sub segments within a hospital to help create notable operational, clinical and financial improvements.

Our solutions are designed to meet the needs of any healthcare provider and to better manage the business of healthcare across the care continuum while meeting evolving regulatory requirements.


MEDHOST Serves the Following Healthcare Segments:

Community Hospitals

MEDHOST delivers integrated clinical, financial, and healthcare engagement solutions for community hospitals of all types and sizes. With MEDHOST partnership, community hospitals are opened to the best options in healthcare information technology.

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Doctor and Patient

Behavioral Health and In Patient Psychiatric Facilities

Behavioral facilities have unique needs compared to other healthcare facilities. Recognizing this, MEDHOST provides a variety of unique revenue cycle, financial management and clinical solutions specific to behavioral facilities.

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General Acute Care — Critical Access and Community Hospitals

MEDHOST’s intuitive EHR interface fits within the existing workflow of critical access and community hospitals helping them increase provider adoption rates, reduce errors, and allow more time to focus on patients.

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Post-Acute Care

MEDHOST solutions are designed to reduce risk and enhance patient care by supporting a multi-disciplinary approach and helping post-acute care facilities to better manage complex contracts so they capture all the revenue they deserve.

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Multi-Facility Hospital Systems

MEDHOST is the largest provider of solutions to the for-profit, multi-facility hospital system in the country providing them with scalable enterprise, departmental solutions, and engagement services along with stand-alone solutions like our Emergency Department Information System (EDIS).

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Easy to use, and quick to adopt; our physician-centric tools remove burnout from your vocabulary.

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Providing you with tools that optimize workflows and allow you to focus on what matters most – patient care.

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Emergency Departments

Don’t let ED backlog bog you down. Our EDIS improves efficiency and cost reduction, ensuring that your Emergency Department isn’t the area that gives you heartburn.

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IT Staff

There are many complexities to the health care environment, our highly integrated IT solutions make sure that delivering quality patient care isn’t one of them.

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Easily evaluate your organization’s performance, make more informed decisions faster, gain peace of mind.

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Financial Staff

The elephant in the room is always money. Our financial applications help you keep the focus on patient care while improving revenue and cash flow.

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The health care system is confusing. Our tools ensure that your journey through health and wellness is an easy one.

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