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Physicians face enough challenges. Adopting EHRs shouldn’t be one of them.

MEDHOST’s intuitive EHR can help healthcare providers prevent physician burnout, raise care quality and outcomes, meet industry regulations, and most importantly, delight physicians. Since the MEDHOST system is a physician-centered, upon implementation, physicians can find themselves spending more time with their patients. More facetime with patients and less time hassling with charts, documentation, and orders helps providers focus on delivering the highest quality of care.

MEDHOST EHR offers a collection of tools that enable providers throughout the care continuum, while helping ensure governance for regulatory matters, quality initiatives, and other policies and procedures are upheld.

When not at the bedside, our tools enable physicians to quickly review patient charts, create documentation, manage orders, reconcile home medications, and electronically prescribe discharge medications.

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Physician Experience

MEDHOST Physician Experience (PE) is designed to be a single continuous, comprehensive clinical suite. Integrating chart, note, and order management functions, PE streamlines the workflow with reduced clicks, helping contribute to increased physician adoption and satisfaction.
  • Chart: The Patient Chart streamlines the display of information allowing clinicians to quickly review, enter, and update clinical data.
  • Note: Empowers physicians to enter and view all notes for the patient’s current and previous encounters.
  • Order Management: An intuitive workspace that goes beyond entering orders for patients and allows physicians to manage patient care plans efficiently.
    • Reconciling clinical data
    • ePrescribing functionality

Patient and Provider Portals

Our Meaningful Use (MU) certified—inpatient and ambulatory —EHR-agnostic provider portal enables providers to review patient records and also facilitates secure communication with patients. Both physicians and hospital support staff share visibility into patient portal information, which aids in troubleshooting issues.