MEDHOST Electronic Health Records (EHR) – Solutions for Hospitals & Healthcare Facilities

An EHR Designed for Delivering the Best Provider and Patient Experiences

For 35 years MEDHOST has maintained a dedication to providing healthcare technology solutions that support the clinical, financial, and operational success of healthcare facilities of all types and sizes.

Across all departments, our fully integrated EHR solution makes it easier for healthcare staff to focus on what’s most important – providing a superior patient and clinical experience, while promoting the healthcare facility’s financial fitness. Everything we do for our healthcare customers is backed by years of role-based support and clinical implementation expertise.


The MEDHOST Interoperability Promise

In today’s marketplace interoperability should be considered a core characteristic of an electronic health records platform. Interoperable EHRs should offer tools, services, and solutions that help address key healthcare data exchange dependencies.

For hospitals and healthcare facilities striving to meet the demands of interoperability, MEDHOST offers a solution that can help them work towards improved care coordination and legislative compliance. Some of the ways MEDHOST EHR can help your hospital achieve interoperability goals include:

    • Exchange support through CCDA 2.1
    • Direct Messaging
    • Automated Transition of Care
    • Query and Retrieve
    • Surescripts Integration

Additionally, MEDHOST helps streamline care coordination between clinics and hospitals with seamless scheduling and referrals of order service platforms Clinical Gateway and YourCare Continuum.

Your interoperability goals are also made more achievable via a full suite of patient access and engagement tools, including FHIR APIs and patient/provider portals that integrate smoothly with other health apps.

MEDHOST also facilitates Public Health Reporting along with data exchange and interface requirements through Certified Public Health and Clinical Data Registry reports. These features are all powered by cloud-based Managed Integration Services.

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Clinical Solutions Suite

A Clinical Suite that gives your staff the tools they need to deliver the patient-centric healthcare experience.

Our Clinical Suite as part of the MEDHOST’s Enterprise EHR, enhances the provider and patient experience with your facility. Developed with direct input from clinicians, our Clinical Suite helps: 

  • Create efficiencies
  • Improve decision-making and documentation
  • And further patient safety and satisfaction

The MEDHOST Clinical Suite supports all areas of your healthcare facility—emergency department and surgery—all while empowering clinicians. 

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Doctor and Patient

Revenue Cycle and General Financials Suite

Integrated revenue cycle and general financials that accelerate your revenue.

Keeping your hospital financially healthy is critical to serving the communities who depend on you for care—comprehensive financial solutions help give hospitals more control over operating costs. 

Each element of Revenue Cycle Solutions and Business Services is built to help hospitals: 

  • Better manage resources
  • Accelerate revenue streams
  • And experience improved cash flow

Supported by General Financials, we work with you to create a healthy financial environment that includes: accounts payable, credit card processing, general ledger, materials management, time and attendance, and document management solutions.

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Fully Integrated Continuity of Care Solutions

Experience integrated care solutions that go beyond the walls of your facility.

The healthcare landscape is always evolving, adapting to change through seamless patient care management is vital to your success. We understand the shifting industry and new clinical care guidelines. The MEDHOST team is ready to help you navigate your way. 

Our EHR comes fully-equipped with solutions that help clarify patient and consumer data so you can overcome barriers to effective condition management outreach as well as scheduling and referral efficiencies. By facilitating a link between EHR data, patients, and providers we can help hospitals provide quality care, service, and security that doesn’t impede on patients’ busy lives.

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Patient Engagement Solutions 

Meet shifting patient expectations and move closer to value-based services.   

The community you serve is more empowered than ever when shopping for clinical care services. Patients are now consumers, and that shift presents unique challenges as well as opportunities for healthcare facilities. Those providers who move first to address consumerism in healthcare while maintaining operational efficiency can often find more business success. 

To help hospitals better connect with patients and the greater community, MEDHOST offers a comprehensive web-based health and wellness consumer engagement app that:

YourCare Everywhere® is an offering of MEDHOST Cloud Service, a MEDHOST company.

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