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YourCare Apps

YourCare® has full-featured IOS and Android apps with patient portal functionality and more. The app home page provides both current content, content in categories that the patient has determined are relevant to their situation, and content that has been tagged as a favorite. For example, someone with diabetes can favorite diabetes explanations or articles for future reference.

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    Easy to use navigation at the bottom of each page allows the user to toggle to the section of current interest: content, personal health information or user profile.

    User Profile contains typical account information, preferred medical providers and reports received from the patient’s provider.

    The My Health tab is the launch point for your major categories of health information. Wellness records typical metrics tracked by the health-conscious individual as well as those with chronic conditions. Nutrition accumulates dietary information and Health Records provides a secure and portable records depository.

    The Sync Devices/Apps synchronize data with linked apps after the initial synchronization when the app is opened.

    The Wellness dashboard tracks activity and other health measures typically tracked by watches and other devices. Data can be input manually.

    Clicking on the Sources link opens a window used to configure data feeds.

    The YourCare app connects with more than 35 popular apps. These connections to apps on your phone are easily established with the flip of a switch.

    Good nutrition habits and most diets require you to track common nutrition metrics. Chronic conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, and high blood pressure also require tracking data such as carbohydrates, fat, and sodium. Data entered into the app is uploaded to the cloud and can be shared by the patient’s clinician.

    Generally, when a healthcare provider enrolls a new patient, there are standard health history questions. The YourCare Everywhere app accumulates and retains the most common items, including medications, allergies, family history, and immunizations.

    Important documents such as insurance cards, immunization cards, and living wills may be uploaded and instantly available.