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Streamline the care experience for your clinicians by enabling them to navigate a patient’s chart while moving room-to-room, reducing the need to return to workstations during rounds.

The more mobile our world becomes, the faster the pace of healthcare needs to speed up. To optimize the healthcare experience for a population constantly on the move, both clinicians and patients need flexible, mobile solutions that help streamline care coordination and further solidify the patient-clinician relationship.

MEDHOST has several mobile apps designed for the fast pace of modern healthcare that help improve workflow processes and patient care while freeing clinicians from workstations or desktops. With the rise in mobile devices as one of the primary tools clinicians and patients use to manage population health effectively, these solutions are well-aligned to your hospital’s needs now and into the future.

Mobile Solutions for Clinicians

Our clinical mobile applications help clinicians reduce errors and provide care at any point along the patient journey, from any location. In addition, MEDHOST clinical apps also make it more convenient for nurses and physicians to view patient information and make essential patient decisions when not at a workstation, helping accelerate care in critical times of need.

Mobile Solutions for Patients

Our patient engagement and condition management mobile applications provide patients with flexibility, so they can manage their healthcare needs or connect with a provider from home, work, or any other location with network access.

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MEDHOST Mobility Physician

Initially offered as a view-only mobile solution, MEDHOST Mobility PhysicianTM expands a physician’s oversight by providing a global view of their rounding workflow from their mobile device. MEDHOST plans to add more features and enhancements in the future, which include:

  • Secure messaging between clinicians
  • Mobile result alerts providing real-time notifications for new, abnormal, or critical results
  • eSign capabilities of notes and orders
  • Ability to update charts, create notes, and new orders
  • ePrescribe medications through a mobile workspace

The MEDHOST mobile application provides our partners the flexibility they need to maintain patient care on the go and help ensure that clinicians receive the most up-to-date patient data without having to return to a workstation.


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MEDHOST Messenger

MEDHOST Messenger provides secure messaging between clinicians and non-clinical hospital staff through a single, easy-to-use mobile application. Download our infographic to see how this solution fits into a fully integrated enterprise system for enhancing care team collaboration.


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MEDHOST Mobility YourCare Everywhere®

The MEDHOST Mobility YourCare Everywhere mobile app is a holistic, facility co-branded platform to address consumer engagement needs. The customizable My Wellness Dashboard in the app provides users a digital, one-stop-shop for connecting, consolidating, and managing personal health data from everywhere. The co-branded Meaningful Use certified mobile app also connects to the facility’s patient portal allowing patients to access their health data, view test results, see upcoming appointments, and more from their mobile device.

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MEDHOST Mobility Support Groups

Participants can share goals, struggles, and encouragement within a mobile app group setting. Behavior change and learning with group support can improve participant compliance and outcomes. The Support Groups app supports knowledge sharing for improved self-management in a private, safe, online environment for patients to interact 24/7.

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