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MEDHOST Automated 837 Claim Generation and Delivery

Help save time and optimize resource utilization with automated claim file creation and delivery to clearinghouses across multiple facilities.

Why an Automated 837 Claim Solution?

Reduce the chance of claims getting misplaced or lost due to human error while adding speed and efficiency to the entire process. The solution automates the generation of the claim files during the facility day-end and sends the files to the respective SFTP location (Clearinghouse/Facility-specific drop locations) utilizing MEDHOST cloud-based transmission service. In addition to helping reduce errors, our automated solution also includes a multi-tenant dashboard, offering useful reports and a high-level view of claim activity.

Automated 837 Claim Generation and Delivery Benefits and Features

  • Help optimize resources and reduce manual work
  • Quickly move claims to clearinghouses
  • Help eliminate missing claims due to staff unavailability or other unforeseen circumstances
  • Easily validate claims across multiple facilities
  • Receive daily claim status notifications to your Inbox
  • Reduce delays with built-in retry file transfer functionality

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