As an executive leader, you need solutions to monitor and evaluate your organization’s overall performance, and make more informed decisions faster. MEDHOST Solutions cover the areas of most concern to executives — enabling you to view trends, emphasize business and performance drivers, and pinpoint areas for potential change.

MEDHOST’s full suite of products offer visibility into patient care and financial management, and are continuously certified to meet the future needs of regulatory requirements.

Our solutions provide executives with peace of mind because they deliver:


Operational Efficiency

Bringing operational efficiency to complex care delivery across an entire healthcare enterprise demands flexible, intuitive solutions. Our products help you manage volumes and throughputs, understand your patient mix, compare performance to trends over time, and identify areas to increase efficiency.

In healthcare today, most ED patient-flow operations are reactive, but MEDHOST is changing that with OpCenter. This revolutionary Web-based tool puts actionable, real-time information into the hands of executives and hospital leaders so they can proactively identify potential problems — from ED capacity spikes and saturated ED resources to ancillary services bottlenecks — well before they slow down the admission of ED patients.

Quality, Regulatory, and Oversight

In keeping our commitment to help our customers not only leverage our technology to improve care quality, MEDHOST products also meet the challenges of Meaningful Use and have received numerous industry certifications. MEDHOST solutions provide corporate reporting that allow for side-by-side comparison, multi-layered view, and centralized repository for patient demographics for multi-facility hospital systems.

Financial Performance

MEDHOST’s suite of financial applications streamline accounting processes, manage resources more effectively, improve cash flow and enhance revenue. Our solutions include hundreds of standard reports and dashboards, including Executive View, that make it easy to quickly retrieve the financial information needed to successfully manage a hospital. Additionally, each application seamlessly integrates with MEDHOST’s clinical offerings, giving a complete, end-to-end enterprise solution.

MEDHOST’s Revenue Cycle applications help you improve cash flow and financial performance, streamline workflow, reduce denied claims, facilitate charge capture, and communicate more effectively with patients, employers, and payers.

MEDHOST Direct helps hospitals avoid upfront hardware capital expenses, provides cost-effective solutions, and the flexibility to grow and adjust with your facility.