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Healthcare Administrators

Our solutions empower health administrators with precision, power, and versatility.

MEDHOST EHR can be configured to any health system and is designed to meet the rapid rise of healthcare consumer expectations while maintaining operational efficiency. With a full suite of performance-driven solutions, our innovative system can evaluate budgets, simplify scheduling, create live patient records, improve compliance, streamline back-office workflows and help you make the informed operational decisions that will set your facility apart from the competition.

Connected Patients

Our EHR software links EHI, patients, and clinicians, allowing hospitals to offer high-quality care, service, and security without interfering in patients' busy lives.

Features like an intuitive patient portal allow customers to schedule appointments, view statements, fill out paperwork, and pay bills online.

Simplified Billing

Digitized patient financial data allows hospitals to employ automated billing and registration processes, which can help improve accuracy throughout the reimbursement cycle while alleviating the burden of traditional account follow-up.

Useful Reporting

Get to know your patient population better with user-friendly reports that help administrators monitor adoption rates, patient satisfaction, advertising tactics, and financial behavior.

Fewer Clipboards

Giving your back office easy access to digitized patient billing data can eliminate hours of overtime related to account management and reduce errors associated with manual processes.

Given how much health administrators manage, their EHR needs to be as on top of it as they are. Our fully integrated EHR solution streamlines workflow across all departments, empowering healthcare professionals to concentrate on what matters most: delivering an exceptional patient and clinical experience while enhancing the financial viability of their organization.