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Secure Access to Personal Health Information

Designed to improve satisfaction and the availability of health information, YourCare Community® enables patients to easily manage their own health, increasing patient engagement and improving outcomes. YourCare Community incorporates a patient-admin-provider portal allowing for a seamless flow of information from user to provider.

Convenient Appointment Scheduling for Patients and Providers

The rise of consumerism in healthcare has empowered patients to take more control of their health. YourCare ContinuumTM is a tool that enables nurses and schedulers to immediately search for appointment availability then schedule and confirm appointments with providers.

Integrating with any health information system (ambulatory), YourCare Continuum streamlines the appointment process, creating a more convenient and efficient experience for the patient.

Engage Patients Outside Hospital Walls

Using traditional methods to manage an increasing number of patients who have chronic conditions as well as those who have acute conditions, is challenging and often ineffective. Historically, successful patient education has been conducted during office visits or hosted educational sessions, both of which are costly and time consuming.

YourCare ManagementTM can improve diabetic health outcomes by:

  • Creating clear lines of communication between patients and clinicians
  • Taking patient education out of the office and into the home
  • Establishing a virtual community of peers from which the patient can draw support

Share Health and Wellness Content With Your Community

YourCare Everywhere® is a health and wellness consumer engagement solution that activates patients and consumers in your community through digital and mobile programs. The YourCare Everywhere platform encourages continuous engagement and drives brand awareness for providers before the need for care arises. It also helps facilitate Meaningful Use compliance and strengthens loyalty via an integrated suite of offerings and service.