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Electronic Billing and Payments - Increase and Accelerate Payments

Capturing every dollar of patient revenue is critical for your hospital’s financial health. MEDHOST helps you improve financial performance and patient engagement by establishing process improvement, minimizing denials, and helping increase your account receivables with an online payment solution for patient self-service.

The way patients manage their financial obligations varies based on their personal needs or preferences. Providing a variety of payment options gives your patients the flexibility they expect. It not only enhances each patient’s experience with your brand, but it also improves patient satisfaction and boosts financial results. Facilities can also place an online bill-pay link on their website to add access points for their patients.

MEDHOST online bill pay allows patients to manage their healthcare financial obligations, and those of their family members, in one integrated, responsive portal. Moreover, payments posted online are automatically posted into the MEDHOST patient accounting system, giving you clarity into your accounts receivables. Our behavioral analytics help deliver better results with targeted messaging, driving patients to choose payment solutions based on their profile.

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    Account Transparency


    eStatement enrollment is promoted during the signup process and allows more patients to set their preferred delivery method.

    Benefits may include:

      • Increased online payments
      • Growth in eStatements
      • Increased patient satisfaction
      • Reduced print & postage costs
      • Reduced call center volume
      • PCI and HIPAA compliant

    Text and Mobile

    Patients can elect to receive text notifications to alert them when a new statement has been generated.

    Billing History

    Patients who create accounts have access to archived statements and payment history.

    Payment Options

    Quick Pay

    Allows users to make electronic payments with less effort and fewer errors within payment terms.

    Self-Service Payment Plans

    Provide patients the ability to select predetermined plans or set up a customized plan within the boundaries set by the provider.

    Behavioral Insights

    Targeted Messaging

    Dynamically tailored financial communications and payment options help providers reach their financial goals and deliver better results while creating an enhanced patient experience.


    All patient activity is reported in a user-friendly view to help monitor adoption rates, patient satisfaction, advertising activity, and payment detail reporting. Helps establish process improvement and increase account receivables