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MEDHOST Application Monitoring

Key Services to Gain Maximum Productivity from MEDHOST Applications

Now MEDHOST on-premises customers can take advantage of some key services that MEDHOST Direct customers benefit from. MEDHOST Technical Services provides proactive monitoring of on-premises customers to ensure your MEDHOST applications are set-up and utilized in the most optimized manner. This relieves your internal IT teams from the burden of constant application monitoring.

Our highly-experienced professionals monitor the health of your MEDHOST applications including analyzing the server storage, Central Processing Units (CPU), and memory allocation and alert customers in case when warning and critical thresholds are met to help avoid impairment or outages.

MEDHOST application Network Operations Engineers (NOC) engineers monitor and issue alerts and help remediate and restore services based upon application resource allocation best practices to mitigate disruption of services.

Additionally, the infrastructure and capacity are reviewed by experts to help ensure virtual server specifications are optimized for ideal application performance.

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