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Managed Integration Services

Connecting and Managing a Healthcare Enterprise’s Data Feeds

One of the most significant issues facing hospitals today is solving the burden placed on IT staff of managing multiple disparate data sources. MEDTEAM Managed Integration Services provides a highly available, cloud-based service that facilitates the electronic flow of data and supports an organization’s specific data exchange and interface requirements. The end-to-end managed service includes project management, customized interface builds, connectivity management, validation testing, go-live support, proactive monitoring and alerting of data routes, and operational reporting.

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    Cloud-Based Interface Engine

    Integrating your data transmission systems will bring financial and operational value to your hospital but managing competing or redundant interfaces can significantly consume internal resources and operating expenses.

    MEDTEAM Managed Integration Services provides customers access to an interface engine without the significant upfront capital costs or the expensive ongoing operational expense of staffing interface engineers and interface support personnel. As integration needs grow, access to an interface engine helps shield organizations from the expensive capital costs associated with building new interfaces. With MEDTEAM Managed Integration Services, your integration service scales with your organization’s needs, as you only pay for what you consume and derive value.

    MEDTEAM Managed Integration Services develop and manage every system interface from a holistic, 360-degree perspective. A strategic partnership with MEDTEAM Managed Integration Services alleviates the pressure on your team, allowing them to focus on more critical clinical and financial initiatives.

    Benefits include:

    • Highly available, cloud-based service for communicating electronic data
    • Managed Integration Engines
    • Vendor agnostic solution
    • Strategic data platform and partner
    • Technical expertise to handle all message standards
    • 24×7 integration management, monitoring, and alerting