YourCare ContinuumTM, an innovative suite of applications that provides hospitals, clinics, and providers with the ability to request and schedule services across ambulatory and other healthcare technology platforms and electronically exchange orders and results.

The role-based system integrates with any Health Information System (HIS) (ambulatory or inpatient) and streamlines the appointment setting process, creating a more convenient experience for the patient while increasing clinician satisfaction.

YourCare Continuum drives value for clinics and hospitals by simplifying the referral intake process and reducing manual documentation and duplicate entries.

It helps facilitate:

  • Increased volume of outpatient services provided for in-network clinics
  • Reduction in revenue leakage, denials, and underpayments
  • An increase in Point of Service (POS) collections
  • Enhanced staff efficiency and productivity
  • Improves patient adherence to appointments
  • Providers’ ability to efficiently schedule follow-up appointments and upcoming hospital procedures

Maintain your investment in your ambulatory system while giving physicians a single system view of the patient. YourCare Continuum drives efficiencies in provider workflows through its simplified referral process and electronic exchange of orders and results between the hospital and clinic.

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YourCare Continuum streamlines the care coordination process creating a more convenient and efficient experience for the patient

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