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Moving from episodic care to population health management requires a new, data-centric approach. However, data alone can’t transform healthcare. Relevant and actionable data leveraged through service offerings can enhance decision-making, empowering providers to better meet the needs of patients, caregivers, and communities.

Our EHR comes fully equipped with rich clinical and financial solutions that leverage patient and consumer data, condition management outreach, and population trends to help you better understand your community and patient base. With integration through our patient engagement platform, hospitals can provide excellent care and service that goes beyond the walls of their facility.

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YourCare Continuum®

YourCare Continuum® streamlines the entire care coordination process for patients and healthcare professionals. With an intuitive, easy-to-use portal, it simplifies the entire care process for everyone involved. Providers can schedule a patient’s follow-up appointments and upcoming hospital procedures and have the capability to share electronic orders and results across platforms. The solution also allows to simplify referral intake by utilizing the YourCareReferral™ tools

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YourCare ManagementTM

YourCare Management creates a direct connection between patient and clinician, extending diabetic care beyond the facility. An optimal condition management experience helps to get better healthcare outcomes with clear communication lines, education, and virtual support groups.

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YourCareCommunity® Patient and Provider Portals

The Meaningful Use certified and EHR-agnostic patient portal offers patients and caregivers secure, online access to their health records and tools that enable them to interact with their healthcare providers. At the same time, the Provider portal allows clinicians to review records and facilitate communications with their patients.

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