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MEDHOST Emergency Department Information System (EDIS) can help reduce documentation errors, increase hospital revenue, improve patient throughput, and boost patient satisfaction scores. Designed by physicians and nurses, the system helps support workflow efficiency and patient safety by eliminating drop-down menus, unnecessary screens, confusing dialogue boxes, and excessive keystrokes.

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    MEDHOST EDIS Software Explainer Video

    Tour MEDHOST EDIS Software in This Video Demo

    A robust EHR for the emergency department (ED), MEDHOST EDIS offers Patient Tracking, CPOE, Nurse Charting, Physician Documentation, an administration utility called Toolkit, and comprehensive reporting. MEDHOST EDIS integrates with hospital information systems and EHRs, HIEs, data repositories accessed by ambulatory departments and clinics, primary care provider systems, and more.

    MEDHOST EDIS features intuitive, graphical floor plans of your ED to enhance staff communication and workflow.

    • Unique touch-screen design promotes increased user interaction and enables rich data capture and process optimization.
    • Multidisciplinary and flexible charting helps maximize documentation speed, increase clinical accuracy and achieve rapid adoption.
    • Built-in risk mitigation with automated notifications, risk alerts, and visual cues helps increase patient safety.
    • Comprehensive and flexible reports help you manage and fine-tune processes and your emergency department’s performance.
    • Reduced prescription errors with Closed Loop Medicine Administration.
    • Superior medication administration with Barcode Scanning.
    • MEDHOST EDIS can be remotely hosted and managed by our expert IT teams.

    Additional EDIS features and ancillary modules:

    • Unique one-touch order entry solution
    • Automatically captures charges
    • Facilitates the posting of current wait times on the hospital Website and electronic billboards

    MEDHOST EDIS 2019 R1, 2018 R1, 2017 R1 SR1, 2017 R1 have been tested and certified under the Drummond Group’s Electronic Health Records Office of the National Coordinator Authorized Certification Body (ONC-ACB) program.

    Enhancing the triage process via online check-in

    Our ED Online Check-In system harnesses modern technology, enabling patients to self-check-in for emergency room visits using a smartphone. By scanning a QR code while at the emergency room, patients can bypass traditional registration, saving them and the healthcare providers time. This system reduces wait times by allowing check-in via a smartphone and enhances overall efficiency by optimizing the triage process, allocation of resources, and streamlining procedures in the department.

    Success with the MEDHOST Emergency Department Information System (EDIS)

    For over 35 years, MEDHOST has been helping healthcare facilities of all types and sizes enhance patient care and operations. Our mission also includes developing solutions that meet the unique needs of the emergency department.

    To provide optimal emergency care, all department staff must be agile. Along with swift and effective action, ED clinicians must also keep a constant eye on changing patient needs. Developed based on extensive feedback from ED clinicians and providers, the MEDHOST EDIS product helps meet the unique needs and demands placed on the emergency department.

    Patient-Provider Focused EDIS

    The development and implementation of MEDHOST’s comprehensive EDIS solution are designed to consider every aspect of the clinical and patient experience. The patient-provider focus is just one reason EDIS is trusted by ED clinicians and directors nationwide.

    Built as a robust application for the emergency department, EDIS can seamlessly integrate with any electronic health record (EHR) system.

    See how EDIS can help drive operational success in the busiest area of your hospital.

    “There's a lot of value to a system like the MEDHOST EDIS that supports our patient care goals and also provides the business and reporting tools we need from a hospital management standpoint.”


    Tommy Mullis
    Chief Executive Officer
    Boone Memorial Hospital

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