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Tuesday February 23, 2016  |  Dr. Frank Newlands, Chief Medical Officer at MEDHOST

Finding perfect harmony with an EHR solution

It is no secret that most EHRs are creating dissatisfaction and frustration among the physicians.  It is easy to lose track of actual value provided to end-users unless you are continuously thinking from their perspective. Adding their own insights not a developer's interpretation of their needs to the solution development process. Unfortunately, Most EHRs are not created that way, so most physicians end up less than happy with their existing EHR.  According to a national survey commissioned by Medical Economics and administered by MPI Group, About 67 percent of physicians switch their EHR due to lack of system functionality that they need.

It is simple, in order for an EHR to be valuable, it has to mimic a physician’s workflow. The EHR must be developed based on what a physician does and needs during his daily rounds, for example, the process of utilizing chart, note and order. The chart is where a physician has all the patient data. A note section is the documentation platform and an order is the order management aspect of it.

About 67 percent of physicians switch their EHR due to lack of system functionality.

Another challenge is how to achieve a synchronized solution while addressing regulatory requirements. It may be necessary to include or alter feature and functionality that doesn’t make perfect sense from a clinical point of view but is critical in order to meet a government mandate. The secret sauce of success in an EHR is to find that delicate balance between meeting regulatory requirements and what physicians want in an EHR solution.

MEDHOST Physician Experience is truly geared to do just that with perfect harmony. It is designed with direct input from clinicians and administrators, including a 12-member Physician Advisory Board (PAB). Physician Experience is the innovative result of the simple idea to create software around established processes of physicians. No more changing workflow to fit a cumbersome EHR platform.

Additionally, Physician Experience facilitates a successful discharge process and creates a path for an efficient transition of care from an inpatient status to an outpatient status with the help of YourCare ContinuumTM from MEDHOST. YourCare Continuum takes the otherwise stressful process of discharge into a positive experience. Moreover, builds that bond with patients to ensure that they stay engaged after they have been discharged.

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