Embracing Healthcare’s Move to Continuous Care Through Community-Based Health Strategies

Our Vision: Be the trusted partner that empowers healthcare organizations to advance the patient care experience and improve business operations.

Bringing optimal efficiency to complex care delivery across a healthcare enterprise demands flexible, intuitive solutions.

MEDHOST provides market-leading enterprise, departmental and healthcare engagement solutions to more than 1,000 healthcare facilities. Our integrated product portfolio includes intuitive, cloud-based clinical, financial and operational solutions, including YourCare Everywhere®, a robust health and wellness consumer engagement platform.

Our broad offering of hosting, outsourcing, marketing, and consulting services are changing how clinicians and hospital leaders work and collaborate, while generating notable operational, clinical, and financial improvements in healthcare information technology.

Better Solutions to Manage the Business of Healthcare Across the Care Cycle

Through its comprehensive offering, MEDHOST is uniquely positioned to deliver unparalleled value to our customers around the business of healthcare. Whether the need is for a large corporate multi-facility entity or a standalone, independent facility, our wide range of financial, clinical and consumer engagement solutions are designed to meet the needs of any healthcare provider and to better manage the business of healthcare while meeting evolving regulatory requirements.

As healthcare regulations and dynamics progress, facilities need adaptive clinical and financial solutions that integrate seamlessly with engagement tools for both patients and consumers.

Enterprise EHR from MEDHOST

MEDHOST EHR solution expands healthcare engagement strategies across the care cycle. Our clinical and financial solutions provide operational and clinical excellence. Our clinical systems have been developed with feedback from clinicians and advisory boards while our financial solutions help your facility navigate the revenue cycles of the hospital systems of all sizes and types. While our consumer engagement solution helps you engage not only your patient but consumers in your community before they even become your patients. With MEDHOST and YourCare solutions, you can make measurable advancement in clinical documentation improvement, practice management software integration, medical billing software efficiency, care coordination, and electronic health records effeciency.

Solutions in an Evolving Healthcare Information Technology Market

Our offerings reflect a company-wide focus on innovation and assisting our customers in the face of significant challenges created by today’s healthcare market. We understand the needs of today’s healthcare provider and the new requirements to drive clinical excellence and financial success.

Our enterprise solution expands healthcare engagement strategies across the continuum of care.