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Podcast: How Digital Scheduling Ensures Patients Get the Care They Need

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When a patient arrives at your hospital for a procedure, whether a simple x-ray or intensive surgery, the last thing they want is to reschedule and come back another day.

Appointment scheduling errors or missing paperwork is not only inconvenient and frustrating for the patient, but it also creates more work for scheduling staff, adds costs, and wastes resources (the kind of thing most people would expect from the DMV, not the people entrusted with their health).

Why does this happen? Largely, patient’s and providers alike fall into gaps during care coordination because the same technologies designed to make our everyday lives easier are not being used by hospital scheduling offices.

Joining us on this episode of “Health IT on the Record,” Gina Williams, Product Manager for YourCare ContinuumTM, MEDHOST’s electronic scheduling platform, speaks to some of these common pain points and how a modern digital scheduling system can help connect an often-disjointed process.

Patients expect excellent care without the annoying back-and-forth. With so many different parties involved, a little back-and-forth may be inevitable. Together, with the Grant Memorial advisory board, Williams and her team were able show there are alternatives to accepting the status-quo.

With an intuitive scheduling platform designed to bridge the gap between patients and providers, hospitals can save time and resources, while doing more to optimize the patient experience.

Listen to the full story here.

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