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Tuesday March 30, 2021  |  Kenyatta Owens, Director of MEDHOST Education Services

Improve Operations and Clinical Care with eLearning

Improve Operations Clinical Care eLearning EHR

Community hospitals are consistently faced with the burden of discovering new ways to improve patient care and clinical performance while getting the most from their limited resources.

One simple strategy for maximizing their staff’s output with minimal strain on personnel and budgets is role-based eLearning over their healthcare IT platforms and tools.

By giving healthcare workers the ability to engage in flexible, self-guided learning via a digital space, community healthcare facilities can improve their quality of service and sustainability. In parallel, they can then create more opportunities to drive operational and clinical efficiencies.

The most effective eLearning platforms for healthcare IT and other end-user solutions:

  • Create an educational environment that ramps up the learner quicker
  • Offer self-guided learning that maximizes knowledge retention
  • Support modular learning that is repeatable and can be completed in short bursts
  • Provide diverse levels of interactivity such as simulations and hands-on learning
  • Generate consistent knowledge checks to quantify learning goals

A Look at eLearning in Your Facility

A report from ECRI states that at least two out of the top ten healthcare technology hazards are related to knowledge gaps in EHR utilization.

For example, if patient data processes are not understood by a clinician, they create inefficiencies in care delivery that can negatively impact the entire care continuum. Education on the proper and optimal use of an EHR platform or any other end-user system is essential to avoiding those situations while creating more opportunities for growth and improvement.

Other difficulties simply come down to time and resource management.

It can be cumbersome for community hospital clinicians to dedicate large portions of their days to classroom training. eLearning delivered in small, focused lessons helps improve this time management challenge by allowing completion of training at the learner’s own pace.

Most community hospitals have limited time to acclimate employees to new technology and processes, plus face an additional challenge of high employee turnover rates. A role-specific eLearning curriculum offers an added element of interactivity that enables a consistent learning experience and makes on-boarding new employees less time-consuming and more efficient.

The ease and speed eLearning adds to training makes it a valuable, resource-saving solution.

Healthcare IT eLearning Ultimately Means Better Care Delivery

In healthcare IT, technology changes rapidly, often driven by regulations that can marginalize smaller providers. All this volatility furthers the healthcare IT learning and education gap, especially in already struggling community hospitals.

By blending the flexible and intuitive capabilities of an eLearning platform with other instructional methods, community hospitals can improve efficiency on EHR adoption, support positive clinical outcomes, and increased patient satisfaction

At MEDHOST our eLearning solution, MEDHOST® Learning Essentials, creates an effective online learning environment to create a strong foundation of MEDHOST product knowledge.

For more information about how our MEDHOST® Learning Essentials’ role-specific, interactive, and self-paced eLearning experience can help support your hospital’s training and education goals, please contact us at or call 1.800.383.6278

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