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Podcasts: Realtime Insights from AHA Rural Health Care Leadership Conference 2020

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Coming to you live from the 2020 AHA Rural Health Care Leadership Conference in Phoenix, AZ! Thank you for stopping by to see who is chatting at the MEDHOST podcast booth.

One of the largest rural healthcare gatherings across the nation, the AHA Rural Health Care Leadership Conference offers an amazing opportunity to gain real-world insights from some of the best and brightest in the rural sector. Join us along with thousands of conference attendees as we explore new and innovative ways to create a more integrated and sustainable rural healthcare system.

What You’ll Hear at the AHA Rural Health Care Leadership Conference 2020

Throughout the four-day conference we will provide attendees a platform to share their thoughts and ideas on supporting and enhancing our country’s rural healthcare landscape. These off-the-cuff conversations are certain to cover a wide range of topics such as:

  • Strategies for adapting to new payment and care delivery models
  • Creative tactics for attracting and retaining healthcare professionals
  • Innovative tips on building stronger bonds with rural communities
  • And more!

We will be posting interviews all day as guests arrive. Check back often so you don’t miss out on any conversations that could be a game changer for your hospital.

In the meantime, get up-to-speed and listen to conversations from past AHA Rural Health Care Leadership Conference as well as other important healthcare industry events. All our podcasts can be accessed on-demand by searching the MEDHOST blog page or you can visit our podcast homepage.

Alliance Physical Therapy Partners VP of Hospital Contracts, Deborah Lakin, shares what she's learned working both directly with patients and in leadership roles. She emphasizes how crucial listening and communication is to preventing medical errors, and expresses her optimism that rural healthcare will rise to the challenge.

Kim Williams, Board Treasurer of Tuba City Regional Health Care Corporation, reflects on her experience and lessons learned at the conference. She highlights kindness, accountability, and innovation as some of the biggest themes at this year's conference, and discusses how she wants to emphasize those values in her own organization.

Ken Alexander, VP of Member Services and Quality Improvement with Louisiana Hospital Association, provides a historical perspective on healthcare. He touches on the paradigm shift he's seeing in healthcare today, and expresses his faith in open-minded, dedicated healthcare professionals.

Eric Jurinic, Director of Supply Chain Operations at Accumen Inc, unpacks how rural hospitals can manage their supply chains. He explains how reducing expenses in a supply chain can help rural hospitals stay afloat without cutting staff and negatively impacting quality of care.

St. Croix Regional Medical Center CEO and President, Dave Dobosenski, shares how his healthcare system has grown under his leadership. He highlights a culture of ongoing innovation and transformation and a local staff with passion for its community as key ingredients to success.

Sweet Dreams Anesthesia CEO, Aaron Jones, outlines the state of anesthesia in rural health. He unpacks the nationwide shortage of anesthesiologists and explains why rural communities are hit especially hard, and advocates for transparency between anesthesia providers and rural hospitals.

Lakewood Health System President and CEO, Tim Rice, shares how his healthcare system is working toward a more holistic vision of health. Noting the rising financial burden facing patients, he explains how his team has alleviated costs to ensure patients can afford the care they need. He also highlights how his healthcare system has partnered with community organizations to impact social determinants of health.

Oasis, LLC Principle, Jim Wesp, reflects on his experiences as a veteran healthcare executive and looks to the future of rural health. He shares his perspective on the regulatory hurdles facing rural hospitals today, and argues that those hospitals must adapt in order to generate revenue and continue to serve their communities.

Veteran hospital CIO and Coker Group Senior Vice President Terry Wilk unpacks how rural hospital boards can maximize the potential of IT. He outlines several strategic questions board members can use to assess their current and planned tech usage, and encourages them to create a culture that supports investment in technology as a core value.

John Fuchs, Vice President of Nuance Communications, breaks down how voice recognition technology can rehumanize the physician-patient encounter. He demonstrates how one of his company's voice-enabled AI tools enable care providers to work more personally and efficiently with patients, and explains how it can alleviate the administrative burden physicians face every day.

UnityPoint Health Director of Rural Health Resources, Tracy Warner, advocates for collaboration among rural hospitals. Drawing from 14 years of experience in rural healthcare, she urges rural hospital boards to share resources and work together to provide quality healthcare for their communities.

Medlogic Laboratories Regional Sales Director, Todd Seitz, shares his experiences helping rural hospitals adopt new technologies. He breaks down some of the hurdles that hospitals are struggling to overcome today, and explains how implementing innovative tests and technologies can help physicians make more accurate diagnoses, improve patient outcomes, and generate much-needed revenue for rural hospitals.

Chris Sund, Director of Business Development and Sales at Fusion Medical Staffing, shares his personal commitment to rural healthcare. He discusses the growing staffing shortage facing rural healthcare today, but highlights the quality of care and community culture found in rural hospitals across the country.

Catholic Health Association's Senior Director of Community Benefit and Continuing Care, Julie Trocchio, urges rural hospitals to listen and respond to the needs of their communities. She emphasizes that hospitals have a responsibility to partner with their communities to address the unique challenges facing their patients, and outlines four principles for caring for an aging rural population.

Natchitoches Regional Medical Center CEO, Kirk Soileau, advocates for innovation in rural health. He shares how his hospital has worked with its community and state to think outside the box and become a leader in rural healthcare with limited resources.

Titus Regional Medical Center CEO, Terry Scoggin, shares his passion for rural hospitals. He emphasizes that rural healthcare is all about relationships, and talks through some of the decisions he's made to keep his hospital running strong for its community.

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