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MEDHOST Patient Statements EHR

Patient Statement Services

MEDHOST Revenue Cycle Services can improve your financial performance by establishing process improvement, helping minimize denials, and decreasing your accounts receivables. Among other services like contract management, denial reporting, and online bill pay, a key offering is the capability to process customized patient statements.

Becker’s quoted a survey stating almost 61 percent of patients rated their medical bills as confusing or very confusing.1 MEDHOST Patient Statement Services addresses this by delivering branded, easy-to-understand financial communications to patients that can be tailored with your messaging. Our experts pay specific attention to the composition to help ensure the most critical messages are seen in the first few seconds of viewing the communication.

Our statement designs go beyond the look-and-feel of the statement to help drive the desired action based on the way people typically process information visually. MEDHOST statements use actionable messaging to target communications to patients based on their profile and actions they should take to help maximize results.

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