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A Family Affair: A MEDHOST EDIS Implementation Story

A Family Affair: A MEDHOST EDIS Implementation Story

“Patient-centered care from our family to yours.” Springhill Medical Center’s Mission Statement

Springhill’s healthcare professionals have a deep understanding of what it takes to keep their healthcare family strong. In 2018 they were one of three Louisiana hospitals listed in IBM Watson Health’s “100 Top Hospitals” annual review.

However, like every family, they hit bumps and snags along the road. For the patient-centered providers at Springhill, they turned one of these impediments into an opportunity to boost the level of family care they could offer to members of their community.

A story that is not without conflict, as is true with any tale of triumph, we share Springhill’s journey to enhancing their emergency department and improving their ability to deliver on the promise of community-focused, patient-centered care. We hope you find their story instrumental during any technology implementation within the walls of your own house.

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