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Infographic: Under the Microscope: Sequencing the DNA of Interoperability EHR

Infographic: Under the Microscope: Sequencing the DNA of Interoperability

In today’s consumer-driven healthcare market, improved coordination across the entire care continuum is essential to optimizing population health management. Similar to Meaningful Use and EHR adoption, Interoperability needs to be a priority for healthcare organizations nationwide.

The collective efforts of the Office of the National Coordinator for Health IT (ONC) and individual healthcare facilities have played a key a role in promoting interoperability. However, the formation of such a widespread healthcare data exchange will take full participation across the industry.

MEDHOST champions interoperability as a key component to helping our customers improve care and operations. That commitment to interoperability is evident in our continued product development and EHR enhancements.

Get a magnified look at what MEDHOST is doing to support the genetic makeup of interoperability and help healthcare facilities of all types and sizes participate in this nationwide initiative.

Interoperability Infographic


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There is no single solution to solving for interoperability, but there are steps we can take together, as embodied by the TEFCA (Trusted Exchange Framework and Common Agreement) principles, to get closer to full adoption. Partnering with organizations such as the CommonWell Health Alliance and implementation of fully integrated healthcare information technologies, are a great way for healthcare providers to participate.

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