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Podcasts: LIVE from NRHA 2018 Critical Access Hospital Conference

Talking Trends and Challenges in Rural Healthcare at NRHA 2018

You’re invited! Have a listening party with our LIVE podcasts from the 2018 Critical Access Hospital Conference! We had the incredible opportunity to record insightful interviews from experts in the healthcare industry who shared tons of excellent, unique, expert insight on the present state and future of rural healthcare. We believe every member of the rural health community deserves a heightened platform to discuss their views, so we setup shop with our podcast studio on the trade show floor. Find out what the future has in store for your hospital. TUNE IN below!

Sheridan County Health Complex Physicians Assistant Amanda Volchko visited with us in the podcast lounge at NRHA 2018 to discuss some of the challenges that rural hospitals can face. She shares how even small changes can make a big impact when improving the quality of care for patients.

Sheridan County Health Complex Chief Nursing Officer Hannah Schoendaler stopped by the podcast lounge at NRHA 2018 to discuss how important it is to look for the most potential in everyone on your team. Along the way, she explains the importance of forgetting about your fear of change and instead focusing on how change can help your patients.

Scott County Hospital President and CEO Mark Burnett stopped by the podcast lounge at NRHA 2018 to highlight how his hospital has thrived despite the challenges they face. He shares the importance of listening to your staff to create a positive team environment and to improve the quality of care for your patients.

Pagosa Springs Medical Center CFO Chelle Keplinger stepped into the podcast lounge at NRHA 2018 to share how she faces challenges with regulation as a CFO in healthcare. She explains how working smart and working efficiently drives down costs for any hospital.

Lexington Regional Health Center CNO Nicole Thorell visited the podcast lounge at NRHA 2018 to share her insights on being a nurse in a rural area. Along the way, she advises not to look over the little things when providing the best care possible for patients.

Huron Regional Medical Center Director of Physicians Clinic Jennifer Kalahar visited with us at the NRHA 2018 podcast lounge to highlight her 26-year career in healthcare. She shares how to navigate the continuum of care for patients in the healthcare system.

Director of EMS at Southwest Healthcare Services Jason Anderson stepped into the NRHA 2018 podcast lounge to share his stories of his career in EMS since he was 16 years old. He expresses his excitement for the future of EMS technology and what's to come.

Excelsior Springs Hospital CFO Cameron Meyer came by the NRHA 2018 podcast lounge to explain how he and his team lighten the financial burden on their patients. Along the way, he dives into the numbers, explaining his role as CFO and how he makes his hospital profitable.

Lost Rivers Medical Center CEO Brad Huerta visited our NRHA 2018 podcast lounge to explain the importance of being genuinely invested in your patients healthcare, even on a personal level. He shares the challenges and advantages that rural hospitals are forced to balance every day.

Bookmark this page as we will be updating sessions on the fly. You won’t want to miss a single nugget of knowledge from your fellow rural healthcare colleagues!

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