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Podcast Day 1: Champions of Healthcare IT Live from HIMSS19

Live from #HIMSS19, MEDHOST is playing host to some incredibly informative and educational conversations featuring some of the industry’s most heroic champions. Interoperability on your mind? Learn more about this and so much more in our discussions with healthcare IT thought leaders on what they envision for 2019—the challenges and solutions.

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Senior Vice President of Product Management at Imprivata, Barbara Dumery, joined us in the MEDHOST podcast lounge at HIMSS19 and shared some of the biggest trends in healthcare IT at the moment, including bedside mobile and medical devices and the adoption of cloud application systems. She also discussed the future of electronic prescriptions and how that will impact the healthcare space.

John Murray, Key Account Manager at OBIX by Clinical Computer Systems, stopped by the MEDHOST podcast lounge at HIMSS19 to discuss what he believes is the most influential innovation affecting the future of healthcare: wearable devices. He also shares his thoughts on the consolidation of hospitals and how that impacts the need for cybersecurity.

Susan Newbold, Owner of Nursing Informatics Bootcamp and a TN HIMSS Fellow, joined us in the MEDHOST podcast lounge to discuss how innovative technology is impacting the nursing profession. Specifically, she highlights how arduous documentation needs to be streamlined to alleviate the burden and prevent burnout - a major reason many nurses report they leave the profession.

Eric Thrailkill, Vice President and CIO of Amsurg Corp., and President of the TN Chapter of HIMSS stopped by the MEDHOST podcast lounge at HIMSS19 to discuss some of the current challenges faced by healthIT and the innovative solutions being built now to address them. He said the goal is to put patients at the center of their own care, using tools and resources necessary to succeed.

Paul Shorrosh, founder and CEO of AccuReg, sat down with us in the MEDHOST podcast lounge at HIMSS19 to discuss the implementation of innovative tools that are proactively addressing problems faced by the industry's archaic revenue cycle still in place. He shared how data analytics can now provide both patients and providers with accurate estimates which result in the reduction of denials and improved overall patient experience.

Benjamin Gold, Product Manager of National Decision Support Company, stopped by the MEDHOST podcast lounge at HIMSS19 to discuss how future laws will affect how healthcare providers operate and the innovative technologies that will assist with compliance. He also shared how platforms like his focus offer clinical decision support tools that provide guidelines and recommendations written by both peers and providers.

Vanessa Carmean, Sales Director at Zayo Group, joined us in the podcast lounge at HIMSS19 to discuss how customized broadband connectivity is providing the fibers that fuel innovation in the healthcare sector. She also shared success stories from Colorado where issues like limited connectivity and access to care are being addressed in an effort to save rural health in the future.

Chief Technology Officer and co-founder of ClosedLoop AI, Dave DeCaprio, joined us in the podcast lounge at HIMSS19 to discuss the fast-moving changes in the healthcare technology landscape, and how innovations like app development will empower future patients by giving them access to their own predictive analytics.

Austin Harrison, Founder of the Mental Health Marketing Conference and Relationship Director at IV Animation, sat down with us in the MEDHOST podcast lounge at HIMSS19 to discuss the latest innovations in healthcare marketing. He also addressed the growing supply & demand issues facing mental health patients and why his company is hoping to interrupt and entertain in the marketplace.

Vice President of Partner Success for CareLoop, Sean Switzer, stopped by the podcast lounge at HIMSS19 to share how his company is reimagining communication within the healthcare space, putting patients and their care givers at the center of the conversation. He also discussed the importance of engaging consumers by providing them with the technologies and data necessary to drive positive outcomes in their care.

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